The Mural is NOW coming together on the Live Grid.

Tiles will be placed ongoing through to Spring 2022 when it is unveiled.

Be sure to submit your completed tile by January 31, 2022.

Follow submission instructions in Your Participant Guide and the Online Learning Portal.

Stay tuned for updates in the Global Roots Private Facebook Group!


April 15, 2021 – The Canada Connects National Mural kickoff was a SMASH!

This National Mosaic SOLD OUT in just WEEKS from being launched.

1000 participants from across the Canada signed up and started painting their tiles for the National Mural.

Flash forward to Summer 2021, we are currently piecing the mural together.

Paintings expressing participants’ reconnection experiences continue to come in to be placed on the live grid.

Take a look at the completed mural by clicking through to the active link. 

Click here!

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